Sunday, 21 June 2015

Stamping experiments

A few weeks ago, I set out to create a stamp long stamp for the purpose of edging my fabric pieces for my stalls. I created to (and one of them I'm still working on) and they took about an average of twenty hours each.

The one below is just chilling on it's rightful place on the mantle piece (though now it's much dirtier).

I experimented with many things finding one thing for sure - acrylic paint does not work in the slightest.

These are the ones done with watercolour on paper, dabbing it onto the stamp whilst wet. The pigment comes off much clearer and brighter than acrylic does.

I did a gradient wash with watercolour, and then stamped watercolour onto the bottom while the paper was still wet. It created that ghost-like appearance. The one above it in dark indigo was a stamping done after it had dried. The flecks of white you see are attempts at acrylic paint.

So then I moved onto oil paint.

Sure, I still have blue all over my stamp and everything, however it still works. Still, I should look into how to remove oil paint from things in greater depths.

The blue above is oil colour, and the white one below is acrylic. As you can see, the white doesn't come out nearly as strongly as the oil paint does. My boyfriend even suggested that it didn't come out as clearly as the blue because I used grey, before I told him I used a white paint.

Stretched fabric.

Leather. I definitely like the effects of how it appears on leather.

So there you have my stamping experiments. Next step - working out how to make oil paint come out of my stamp and roller and how to figure out how to make it dry faster!

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