Worthy Artists

I love his whimsical themes, his extreme detail and appreciation of wit. In just one art piece, his works become a gateway leading to to millions of pieces of inspiration. I often have his book, "A Journey of the Imagination" by my side when creating.

I love is creative interpretation of facial forms, his combination of mythical beings to create character.

I love his interpretation of anatomy in his fairy tale creatures. His Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Would Around You is one I have often found beside me whilst creating new creatures and characters. 

Alan Lee illustrated two of my childhood favourite storybooks - The Moon's Revenge and The Mirrorstone. Even though I couldn't read properly until I was about 12 years old, I appreciated the enchanting drawings. They captivated my imagination, and I began coming up with stories of my own.

Graeme Base
Another one of my favourite childhood illustrators. The amount of detail this man achieved, as a child, seemed unhuman, and thus he was clearly some special human species brought through time and space to tell us about the truth about dragons, what happens at the eleventh hour, and the alphabet.

Henri Privat-Livemont
A French art nouveau artist most famous for his posters, but also created the decor in Theatre Francais and Hotel de Ville. His art has a very soft, feminine feel to it. I am especially drawn to his flowing hair, wacky headpieces and large, puffy sleeves.

I love her exquisite detail and the eerie feel of her fairy tale illustrations. Very beautiful, very haunting, very deep.

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