Why Sons of David?

"Sons of David" is the name of my brand through which I create artwork, clothing and crafts. But why that name?

To those who know my face, I am Amy Dawson. They are often wondering why I came up with that name. Most people's first reaction is the same:

"But, aren't you a girl?"

 Though a very apt observation that I am not a body of men, the name isn't to be taken literally but symbolically. The name "Amy" has French roots, meaning "beloved". As does "David". Consequently, the name "Dawson" means "David's son". Unfortunately, the title "Son of David" has been taken up by gentleman during Roman times, also known as Jesus Christ. Perhaps you might have heard of him.

Though Jesus was very courteous and claimed no copyright or trade mark to that title, I did not want to use it lest there be great confusion. So, seeing as many Davids have had many sons, I chose the brand, "Sons of David."

The End.

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