Friday, 12 June 2015

Painting Techniques from Dcreamscapes

Sometimes, when I am totally stuck in the rut of I-MUST-DO-SOMETHING-GOOD-NOW-OR-I'LL-BECOME-A-STARVING-ARTIST, that's generally a time where I have to really loosen up. No one really cares if the pictures look like they do in my head, because they can't see them anyway. That's why it's really good just to borrow a book from the library, open it up, and just pick something to practice.

This one is one I often go to. It may not be 'fine art', but I love her use of colour, movement and her lighting. One thing that you cannot find in a regular art book is how to do fantasy lighting. It's very different to natural lighting. She always goes into exceptional detail about the steps she has taken in her painting - she doesn't keep many secrets.

I've applied her use of light and glow in a small sketch (3'x4')  in watercolour.

Another great thing about picking up a book and just going for it is that you end up doing things you wouldn't usually do, like start with shadows instead of adding them in last, nor would I try shadows in blue for the face.

I've used salt around the edges to create that textured look.

The white spaces were going to be leaves, but I liked them there, so I kept it like that.

It was a good experiment to try, and definitely something I'd recommend to all people with a valid library card!

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