Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hand-Stenciled Leggings

"Hand-stenciled leggings" sound much classier than trying to hide the fact that the lines were stenciled, because otherwise it might appear that I was trying to pass off my stenciling as genuine, where as if I blatantly put "hand-stenciled" in the description, then people will appreciate its unique quality.

These will be sold at my stall at the upcoming Pirate Market Tavern Night in a couple of months.

Here are my pieces on the line to dry.

I soak everything in soapy warm water. In reality, I don't need soap - the acrylic will dissolve in water if it hasn't dried yet. And it doesn't need to be warm either - it just feels better.

And here is my stencil piece, hanging out to dry. I hosed it off after I soaked it.

Happy blogging everyone!

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