Sunday, 12 October 2014

Thirty Days of painting: Days 4,5 and 6

Day 4: Watercolour and salt

This one took me a couple of attempts. The paint has to be dark enough and thick enough to really get the absorbed affect. It's probably better to use artists quality paint, unless you use it thickly straight from the tube. I'm quite happy with the effect this one has made.
Crimson and ultramarine blue.

Day 5: Watercolour blow painting

Though, I actually ended up using acrylic. I think the advantage of watercolour I would have gotten is that I could have added more paint into the faded areas instead of making an entire new layer due to acrylic's fast-drying nature. For this reason, I'd more likely to do watercolour over a wash of acrylic instead of the other way around. Theoretically, watercolour is water-soluble even after drying, unless you're using cheap, children quality or student quality paint, (which I did.)
It's funny how much I'm actually learning about how paint reacts to each other just by doing these simple little things. Surely I'll be an expert in no time! 

Day 6: Gravel effect

It doesn't look much like gravel, it was a good effect to practice.
This one was a layer of acrylic paint, dried, then with a sponge painted with a layer of darker-coloured paint, lightly dabbed the surface of it onto the paper.
I would have liked a darker layer, and one that I did not have to dab twice. That lost it's effect instantly. I coloured in some of the circles to create the look of stones. It didn't work nearly as well as the artist's idea in the book, but it's a good technique to have tried and to know where I went wrong.

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